10 Ingredients To Choose for Natural Rosacea Treatment

While there is no cure, the right rosacea treatment approach alleviates symptoms. Here are the 10 best natural ingredients to look for in skin care products.
10 Ingredients To Choose for Natural Rosacea Treatment

Research suggests that an estimated 1.4% of the Australian population has rosacea.

However, the true extent of the condition is difficult to ascertain, as many people who have it don’t receive a diagnosis.

Rosacea makes skin highly sensitive to different irritants (including ultra-violet rays).

If you have the condition, you need to pay special attention to the products you use on your face. Choosing rosacea treatment products containing specific natural ingredients can nourish your skin and prevent rosacea flare-ups.


What Is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic dermatological condition that affects the face, significantly more prevalent among women than men. Its exact cause is unknown, though scientists have found several commonalities in those with the condition. More people with fair skin and of Northern European and Celtic descent have rosacea, implying a genetic component.

Those with rosacea often have a higher concentration of Demodex mites in the follicles on their faces and higher concentrations of blood vessels near the surface. Rosacea also causes an increase in inflammation-inducing peptides.

Rosacea Symptoms

Though there is no cure for the condition, the proper rosacea treatment can alleviate symptoms. The disease has four primary subtypes, with symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Though rosacea doesn’t have any significant health impacts, its effects are uncomfortable. It also often causes women to feel self-conscious and embarrassed.

The primary symptom is facial flushing, occurring most often on the cheeks, chin, nose and forehead. The flushing may come and go in the early stages but becomes longer lasting and often permanent over time. Other symptoms include:

•     Burning and itching skin

•     Pimples or bumps in the affected area

•     Tiny red blood vessels visible on the surface

•     Thickened skin, particularly around the nose

•     Swollen, red eyelids

•     Dry, gritty or itchy eyes


At Gushiv, we believe every woman is beautiful and has a right to hold her head high, so we created products that may be effective for rosacea treatment, improving the symptoms using natural ingredients.

Rosacea Flare-ups

If you have rosacea, you may notice that some of the symptoms seem to fluctuate, worsening for periods and then showing improvement. Your face may get redder at times, the itching may come and go, or you may experience more pimples on occasion.

There seem to be several factors that can trigger a rosacea flare-up. Some of those triggers include sun exposure, spicy food, hot food or drinks, alcohol, hot weather, exercise and stress. While avoiding everything that may cause a flare-up is nearly impossible, taking care of your skin using products for rosacea treatment that contain beneficial, natural ingredients can help you keep your condition in check.

What Natural Ingredients Are Beneficial for Rosacea Treatment?

Gushiv develops skin care products that contain natural and organic ingredients. We don’t use alcohol — a substance that can exacerbate rosacea symptoms — or synthetic fragrances or colours that are harsh on your skin. While many natural ingredients won’t cause a flare-up, others may actually alleviate your symptoms. Here are 10 of the most beneficial ingredients Mother Nature offers.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is a flower that has long been used for its health benefits, dating as far back as the ancient Egyptians and Greeks. It has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce swelling and redness when used as part of a rosacea treatment regimen.

2. Davidson and Kakadu Plums

Though these two fruits are members of the plum family, they each have different properties that help alleviate symptoms of dermatological conditions like rosacea. The Davidson plum provides nutrients that boost collagen production, reduce redness and increase skin cell production. Kakadu plums reduce inflammation and can lighten the appearance of scars.

3. Finger Lime Caviar

Finger limes are citrus fruits originating right here in the land Down Under, but the entire world is discovering their benefits. The caviar-like pulp inside has amino acids that are antioxidants and positively impact collagen. Finger limes are also anti-inflammatory.

4. Lemon Myrtle

This powerhouse plant is also native to Australia. Including products that contain this ingredient in your rosacea treatment routine can reduce the irritation the condition causes. It also has numerous antioxidants, and its astringent properties help keep your pores clean.

5. Lavender

Lavender doesn’t just add a pleasing, calming scent to skin care products. It also offers symptomatic relief for those who have rosacea. Extracts from this flower are great for cleansing the skin. It’s also soothing and can alleviate irritation and reduce redness.

6. Licorice

Licorice contains compounds that are beneficial in treating rosacea symptoms. It is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. It may help alleviate the itching, redness and swelling associated with rosacea.

7. Mountain Pepper Berries

The berries from Australia’s mountain pepper plant provide potent compounds to include rosacea treatment products. This is another ingredient that counters the depleted collagen levels many people with rosacea experience. These berries also have anti-inflammatory properties.

8. Quandong

The quandong tree is a member of the sandalwood family. It contains properties that aid in fighting free radicals. It also reduces inflammation and provides relief from itchy, dry skin. Using products containing this ingredient may reduce the redness rosacea causes.

9. Waratah Flower

The beautiful, bright red waratah flower provides your skin with the extra protection it needs from the sun’s harmful rays. It replenishes lost moisture, reducing the appearance of wrinkles. It also helps fight acne and may alleviate the pimples associated with rosacea.

10. Witch Hazel

Witch hazel is a potent rosacea treatment ingredient due to its antioxidant properties. It aids in skin reparations and protects against further damage. It is an anti-inflammatory and can soothe the irritation of a flare-up.

Where Can You Find Rosacea Treatment Products Containing Natural Ingredients?

We craft Gushiv’s organic skin care products using the best Mother Nature offers. We don’t use synthetic or toxic chemicals, and we don’t test our products on animals. We also carry products designed to target inflammation, redness and free radicals while encouraging collagen production and increasing elasticity and moisture in your skin.

The right products in your rosacea treatment routine can alleviate your symptoms, giving you healthier skin naturally. Discover Gushiv's moisturizers and other selections from Mother Nature and get started down your path to clearer, vibrant skin.

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