Caring for Eczema on the Face With Moisturising Botanicals

When it comes to caring for eczema on the face, you can have a full, all-natural beauty regimen that will leave your skin looking and feeling great.
Caring for Eczema on the Face With Moisturising Botanicals

There was a time when caring for eczema on the face meant using only medicated ointments. Now, however, there has been more research into natural ingredients, many of which have been used by traditional cultures for centuries. The result is being able to have a complete beauty routine with products that, rather than harm your skin, can actually help improve it.

What Is Eczema on the Face?

Eczema is an inflammatory condition of the skin that can result in a wide variety of symptoms. Dry and itchy skin is the most common symptom, but there can be different presentations. Some people may present with red patches of dry skin, while others may have grey or brown ones. In some cases, there are fluid-containing bumps that ooze when scratched. Other people may find that the affected skin is scaly and thick.

How Can You Care for Eczema on the Face?

You can use a basic skincare routine just like anyone else that involves the following steps: cleansing, toning, treating, and moisturising. Given the dry nature of eczema, the moisturising step is particularly important. The key with all steps is to make sure that the ingredients in the products used are all-natural, soothing to sensitive skin, and will not risk any further drying-out of your face.

What Do You Need in a Cleanser?

A cleanser should not just cleanse, but also moisturise at the same time. Hemp seed oil prevents both dryness and skin inflammation, making it ideal for someone with eczema. Willow bark and pineapple fruit extract are also anti-inflammatory. Kakadu plum, lemon myrtle, and evening primrose all help to prevent and soothe skin irritation. These are just some of the ingredients you'll find in our Native Regeneration Cleanser.

What Makes a Toner Good for Eczema?

In the past, toners tended to be abrasive, something that would be counterproductive to a person with eczema on the face. Now, however, toners can soften and rejuvenate the skin. Mountain pepper berries increase hydration. Quandong helps reduce red, dry, and itchy skin, as does licorice. Marshmallow root not only hydrates the skin but helps it to retain its moisture. Our Rejuvenation Face Mist has all these ingredients, as well as lavender, which helps to reduce the inflammation that goes along with eczema.

How Should You Treat Eczema on the Face?

As with all steps in your skincare treatment regimen, this one should also help to add and retain moisture, as well as be appropriate for sensitive skin. Among the specific uses for ylang ylang are hydrating the skin and combatting eczema. Our lightweight daytime cream, Native Elixir Face Cream, also uses chamomile extract to soothe eczema as it decreases inflammation, as well as other natural ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and reduce skin irritation.

Is More Moisturising Necessary?

The final step in a basic routine for skincare is moisturising, something you would have been highlighting in the first three steps as well. While moisturising is advised for everyone, it is vital for eczema, and it is one of the key recommendations for treating it and preventing flare-ups. Using healthy oils is one way to approach this necessary step.

Moisturise and Protect

Jojoba oil targets dry skin, helping it to heal, as well as preventing further damage. Rosehip oil also has healing properties, boosts collagen, and rejuvenates damaged skin. Apricot oil hydrates without making your skin feel greasy and reduces inflammation. We've also added CBD, or cannabidiol oil, to our Cannabidiol Elixir Oil for its ability to prevent dryness, reduce pain, and soothe inflammation. Antibacterial and antifungal, it can help protect your already sensitive skin from infections.

Reduce Irritation

Another option is to use a balance of oils that work together to regenerate skin cells and reduce the irritation of eczema on the face. In particular, borage oil is especially effective as an anti-inflammatory, reducing redness, dryness, and irritation. We've also added camellia seed oil, rose canina fruit oil, and rosemary leaf extract to Natural Elixir Face Oil to further reduce inflammation. Kakadu plum oil and macadamia seed oil soothe the skin, while oenothera seed oil is particularly known for its hydration benefits.

What Else Can You Do for Eczema on the Face?

Eczema typically goes through flare-ups and remissions, so it's helpful to figure out if there are any constant triggers associated with when yours flares up. Triggers can be environmental, dietary, or emotionally related. With regard to environmental factors, in addition to pollen and dust, soaps and detergents can also be irritants.

Dietary Triggers

Keep a food diary to try to determine if any foods are triggering your eczema. Consider going on a food elimination diet to cut out the typical culprits such as eggs, dairy, wheat, and soy to see if that makes a difference. As much as possible, eat whole foods, rather than processed ones.

Environmental Triggers

Switch your household to all-natural products for cleaning and for personal care, such as soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. You are absorbing the products you use into your pores as well as breathing them in, both of which can potentially affect your health in many ways. Plus, it's better for the planet! Additionally, consider getting a water filter to ensure that the water you're bathing in is not exacerbating your eczema.

Emotional Triggers

Develop techniques for managing stress, such as getting into a habit of daily meditation. Even just ten minutes every morning can be a great way to approach your day from a state of calm. Other options that can be helpful include mindful breathing, tai chi, qi gong, and yoga. Make sure you're getting enough sleep each night and practicing good sleep habits, such as not watching television in bed.

Caring for Eczema on the Face Is Caring for Yourself

When you have eczema on the face, it's easy to just focus on the problem. But it isn't just your eczema that deserves natural, organic, high-quality products. Everything that goes on your skin is absorbed into your body, and that body deserves the best! Contact us atย Gushivย to find out how you can get the good stuff . . . and only the good stuff.

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