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Even though it's one of the most common skin care concerns out there, acne can be stubborn, painful and even embarrassing. There are numerous products you can use to deal with acne, but are all of those harsh chemicals truly effective and safe for your skin?

Hormonal Skin

Dealing with hormonal skin can be challenging. While some may assume this issue only affects adolescents, people of all ages can experience acne due to hormonal shifts within the body.


If you're dealing with dry, itchy, and scaly skin, you're not alone. Eczema affects several million people worldwide. This chronic inflammatory skin issue can lead to serious irritation and discomfort, along with unsightly redness and dry patches.

Cold Sores

Cold sores, also known as fever blisters, are a common ailment caused by the herpes simplex virus that lies dormant in your skin until an eruption is triggered. 

Dry, Itchy Skin  

Lots of things can cause dry, itchy skin, including allergies, bug bites, stress, and certain skin conditions like psoriasis or eczema. Whatever the reason, people who experience itchy skin often report depression, anxiety, and trouble sleeping.


If you suffer from psoriasis, your skin can be in constant trouble, with itchy, painful and irritating patches that can flare up at any time. Dealing with this difficult skin condition requires the right approach through routine care with wholesome ingredients.


Does your skin have a red hue and a bumpy texture in certain areas across your face? You may be dealing with rosacea, an inflammatory skin problem that can be stubborn and difficult to manage.


Melasma is a condition of the skin causing dark spots and patches, generally on the face. These freckle-like marks can appear brown, grayish-brown, bluish-gray, or tan. It is relatively common and frequently mistaken for other skin conditions.


Sunburns are irritating and often excruciatingly painful. In the late spring or early summer when outside time and sun strength increase, it's easy to get caught by surprise and find yourself with an unexpected sunburn.

What People Are Saying


Member since 2019

Use this especially for my night time routine and I wake up with a glowing complexion! I’ve noticed a difference in evening out my skin and feels like it has repaired over-night. It’s great after using the Ultimate Hydrating Elixir Cream. I just put a few drops on my hands, warm it up to activate and pat gently all over my face and neck. This is the first time I’ve ever used truly organic products and specifically feels very calming - it’s like I’m treating myself every night. A small amount goes a long way and I’m loving the results so far!

K J Schelling

Member since 2019

I absolutely love this product! When you first open the bottle you are welcomed by earthy aroma. The oil is on the thicker side with a rich texture. Just a few drops is all you need and immediately absorbs into the skin without a greasy finish. I was pleasantly surprised at how moisturized my skin was even after a few hours of being out and about in the city. I am very picky about the products I put on my face and always check the ingredient label first. I was happy to see all the ingredients were oils I am familiar with and have used in the past in my routine. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone. It's a fantastic moisturizer and even after a few days of use I could see how happy my skin was.


Member since 2019

Gushiv is a master of beauty! Master on her own. As I love the nature I do love and use Gushiv elixir products. The smell takes me to a beautiful journey, the oil and the ingredients makes my skin smooth and youthful. I would highly recommend all the products, especially to people who love nature and support the eco system! Excellent product for all kind of skin type men and woman.

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Optimize your skincare routine with this luscious face oil infused with the best that Mother Nature has to offer. You can begin to enjoy radiant skin that glows with health and vibrance as this elixir starts balancing oils in the skin.

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