Why You Should Consider Organic Skin Care Products

Finding the best organic skin care products can take work. A lot of products are labelled "organic," but responsible companies take things a step further.
Why You Should Consider Organic Skin Care Products

Having a skin routine...

...is essential for women of all ages. A good routine can keep you healthy, happy, and ageless.

Unfortunately, a lot of modern skin care companies take shortcuts when developing their formulas. Truly organic skin care products may be hard to find, but they can give you the peace of mind of knowing your skin care suite is toxin-free.

Why Are There So Many Harmful Ingredients in Some Cosmetic Products?

While Australia is better than many, a surprising number of modern countries, such as the U.S., don't effectively regulate the cosmetic products their citizens use. To some, this may seem shockingly irresponsible. You may wonder how governments have failed their citizens so severely, or why companies seem to care so little for the wellbeing of their loyal customers.

The answer, in most cases, is that both regulation and responsible sourcing are extremely expensive. The United States Food and Drug Administration has famously been overwhelmed by the number of products and supplements it oversees. Thus far, it has banned only 11 of more than 10,000 chemicals used in cosmetic formulas.

A staggering number of chemicals and ingredients common to cosmetic products all over the world have been linked to various health problems. These include:

•     Formaldehyde — a preservative ingredient in embalming fluid that causes cancer

•     Quaternium 15 — releases formaldehyde

•     Methylene glycol — a kind of formaldehyde

•     Paraformaldehyde — another kind of formaldehyde.

•     Dibutyl and diethylhexyl phthalates — hormone disruptors that damage the reproductive system

•     Mercury — an element that seriously harms the kidneys and nervous system

•     Sodium lauryl sulfate - a common emulsifier that causes irritation and may interact with other chemicals as a carcinogen 

In Australia, there is no list of chemicals that are expressly permitted for use in skin products. Instead, the Department of Health maintains a list of banned chemicals and poisons. Any sellers selling ingredients in violation of the government's most recent restrictions are subject to fines, sanctions, and criminal penalties.

While this is a significant improvement on the regulatory standards of many other countries, there are still plenty of legal substances that are best left out of cosmetics. Some simply haven't had enough time to be certified as safe. Others haven't been made illegal yet.

What Is Organic Skin Care?

The term organic simply means "derived from living matter." Though this may sound like a synonym for "safe," there are plenty of perfectly organic compounds in nature, such as strychnine, that are extremely toxic. At the same time, many safe substances that occur in nature can be synthesized through chemical processes.

The definition of organic, therefore, isn't quite as simple as it might seem. For the purposes of skin care, however, an organic product should have a few traits. These include:

•     Completely nontoxic

•     Not formulated from materials grown with pesticides

•     No synthetic colors or fragrances


When you know that no poisons were used in the production of a product, you can be relatively sure that using it frequently on your skin won't cause serious harm later in life.

There are a few other qualities as well that smart consumers know to look for when searching for high-quality, responsible skin care goods.

No Animal Testing

If you look online to see whether animal testing is necessary for developing products, you'll find a whole range of answers. Though some argue convincingly that animal testing is vital for ensuring that lifesaving medicines are safe for human use, it's tough to make the same case for cosmetics.

Most materials researchers test on animals are ones without a clear track record of safety. Since there are plenty of organic skin care materials we already know are safe, you might wonder why many companies keep testing new ones. Usually, it's so they can save money. Avoiding animal-tested products isn't so much about safety as ethics. Why subject innocent creatures to misery for no reason?

Zero Petroleum

Petroleum products are ubiquitous in modern society. Everything from carpeting to clothing to jet fuel relies on the subterranean-derived material. Some common petroleum products, such as petrolatum, have long been regarded as safe.

Unfortunately, a few researchers have identified concerning links, suggesting petroleum-based cosmetics might become carcinogenic after extended use. It's well known that they sometimes cause or exacerbate skin problems, so it's probably best to simply avoid using them entirely.

No Alcohol

Everyone knows alcohol isn't great for you when you put it in your body. So why should you put it on the outside of your body? A lot of acne treatments use alcohol, as it can kill bacteria known to cause breakouts. It also causes dryness and irritation, however, so the antiseptic benefits usually aren't worth the cost to your skin.

Are Organic Skin Care Products More Effective?

Organic creams and oils are better than non-organic ones because they don't harm your skin. While most natural substances aren't inherently more effective than synthetic chemicals at treating problems like rosacea, eczema, acne, and sun stress, unnatural treatments are often counterproductive.

Even if a chemical treatment works well for its stated purpose, it may cause serious damage to your skin. Alcohols, mineral oils, and petroleums may be effective for one condition, but they can cause other, equally unpleasant ones to emerge. If you aren't into spending an eternity putting out skin-care fires, natural is the way to go.

How Can You Find the Best Organic Skin Care?

Finding the best skin care products can be a real headache. When you search the web, a lot of the reviews you'll find are paid advertisements. Worse, most companies don't disclose where they get their ingredients, so you're obligated to look up the details yourself.

Though having the determination to buy only the safest, most socially responsible products is admirable, it can take a long time. At Gushiv, we've taken the hard work out of your shopping routine. All of our products are organic, responsible, and effective. Our moisturizers, lip balms, perfumes, and cleansers keep you looking great no matter what. Shop our full organic skin care selection online today.


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